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Other consoles I want PS2-> other system adapters for

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 03, 2018 7:17 pm    Post subject: Other consoles I want PS2-> other system adapters for Reply with quote


The mapping I want should be for a fight stick (assuming left stick, I've hard wired my stick to be right stick)

Select Start ? ?
B A B ?

Which on my right stick joystick would map to

? ? Start Select
? B A B

The reason why you want to double map B is certain games the concept of main button and auxiliary button are more paramount in most games, where the main button is your index finger. But in some games, the concept of left and right button are more important. Those games include Tutankham for Colecovision, Pac-Land and (not sure of which title, I think it's Side Arms, but it's the one where you can shoot left or right with the left and right actionbutton) for the Turbo Grafx 16. Those games would have reverse Run/Fire if the default map was used without compensating for it. The point is you can't make a universal mapping with a right stick. Sega messed up most games with their factory joystick when they made Buttons 1 and 2 on their Right Handed joystick map left-right absolute, not index-middle absolute. I believe more games benefit index-middle absolute compared to left-right absolute. but for the few that do, that would help too.

You sell Famicom, but not NES. The NES you sell is NES clone, not original NES.

Both BestElectronics CA and Edladdin sell Genesis to 7800 adapters, If double conversions don't work, maybe a direct PS2-> 7800 would work.


? ? ? ?
? R L R

I don't know if TG16 Tototek adapter is designed for a 6 button stick, but a 2 button stick can have the one button double mapped for this purpose. According to your mapping you don't support the 6 button controller on TG16 because there are only 3 buttons to press I II and III for rare 3 button games. There is no IV, V, and VI.

There's quite a few more older systems I'd want my joystick to work with, like Colecovision Super Action, Colecovision Standard (I have 2 games that glitch out when I plug in a CV SA, Qbert's Qubes and Activision Decathlon) (both Flashback and standard) Atari 5200, Atari 2600, Intellivison (both flashback and standard) and Bally Astrocade are the systems I have that no one has produced an adapter for for fight sticks.

There are unique challenges, like the 5200 being analog only, but quite a few of the games would work as Digital controls. (only 5 games take advantage of analog enough where it'd be unplayable without it.) Intellivision has a 16-direction, 1-intensitly, joystick, (plus neutral) but most games don't need the 16 way, so 8 way is fine, but he controller code is not each of the 4 cardinals represented by one pin apiece. There's a complicated encoding involved.

More to come later.
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